Eight Reasons Why New Jersey Residents Need the Civic Info Bill

We’ve built serious momentum in New Jersey around the Civic Info Bill, which would finally fix the state’s local news crisis and infuse $100 million from the sale of old public-media stations into projects to revive, strengthen and reinvent local news and information.

But now last-minute budget deals by Trenton insiders would use the money from the sale of the public airwaves for everything except keeping people informed.

The Civic Info Bill is our best chance to transform the future of New Jersey media. Here eight Garden State residents explain why lawmakers need to pass this legislation:

“Living in New Jersey, it’s important to me to get my news from New Jersey, not New York or Philadelphia. That’s why this New Jersey Civic Information Consortium is so important.” —Jeanne J., West Deptford, New Jersey

“This bill would help ensure that communities in South Jersey receive essential local news and information.” —Ryan L., Collingswood, New Jersey

“I live in South Jersey and it is nearly impossible to learn any detailed information about what is happening in Trenton. Information is key to democracy. Without media asking the hard questions, who is going to ask them? Please support the media in this difficult time of disruption and transition.” —Elizabeth R., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“New Jersey has one of the most educated citizenry in the U.S. Yet New Jerseyans have no way of knowing the political, economic, social and cultural developments unless they are randomly covered by the New York or Philly media. To have an informed citizenry is critical for healthy civic engagement.” —Indira G., Summit, New Jersey

“I can tell you almost anything about what’s going on in NYC but nothing about Jersey City and Elizabeth. If you know more, you do better for the state.” —Lydia W., Cranford, New Jersey

“The public needs to know what’s going on locally, not just nationally. This will keep citizens engaged and participating in the civic process.” —Rose A., East Rutherford, New Jersey

“I want to know more about what's going in my neighborhood, not New York’s. When they say Ridgewood, they mean Queens, not one of the largest towns in Bergen County. There are nearly 1 million residents in Bergen County alone. Why must we be the stepchildren of NYC-area media?” —Carole L., Cresskill, New Jersey

“We need info about candidates for office so we can decide how to vote.” —Susan, Teaneck, New Jersey

Pick up the phone and urge New Jersey legislative leaders to pass the Civic Info Bill.

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= Positive Change for the Public Good

people + policy = Positive Change for the Public Good